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he first vegetable seedling listed company realizes "5G planting"

At the moment, China is still at a critical point in epidemic prevention and control. Growers need to prevent the further spread of the epidemic, and at the mean time start spring planting. In Shandong Anxin Seedling Co., Ltd. in Jiyang District, workers are busy breeding seedlings.

Ensuring sufficient supply of seedlings for spring planting
When the epidemic occurred, the company set up an epidemic prevention and control team as soon as possible, responding to the requirements of higher authorities and implementing prevention and control measures. Daily temperature detection of employees, regular disinfection of factory roads, indoor roads in greenhouses, office areas, public toilets, restaurants, and other places, make full use of multiple methods to carry out targeted publicity of the epidemic prevention and control knowledge, to enable the majority of employees to grasp the key points of prevention and control, and strengthen the security work in the area, strictly control the external personnel and also make sure the internal personnel inside the project side as much as possible.

Under the conditions of adequate sanitation protection and employee safety, the company guarantees the safe production and supply of seedlings in time.

As a national high-tech enterprise, the company invests more than 10% of its revenue in research and development each year. And this sudden epidemic is a test of the development of smart agriculture for many years in the company.

In the production process, many intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment, such as seeding robots, automatic grafting machines, and intelligent dehumidification and sterilization robots, which are independently developed by Anxin Seedlings, played an important role during the epidemic. Han Jishu, the chairman of the company, introduced an intelligent dehumidification and sterilization robot as an example. The robot integrates physical dehumidification, ultraviolet sterilization, and ozone sterilization, which can effectively prevent diseases, reduce pesticide consumption by 80%, reduce environmental pollution, improve food safety, and strengthen ecological agriculture.

Intelligent devices are connected to each other through 5G, so that field seedlings can realize the industrial operation of the machine, which provides farmers with sufficient seedlings.

At the same time, the company signed up and makes use of live broadcast platforms through internet, and technical backbones act as anchors, especially during the spring planting season, which popularized the knowledge of fruit and vegetable cultivation for farmers and solved the problems encountered in their planting process.

Farmers click on the screen to achieve "cloud production"
"Slightly click on the mobile phone, the sprinkler irrigation system in the greenhouse can realize automatic watering and fertilizer application, and 5G technology will upgrade the operation time of the automatic sprinkler irrigation system of more than 60 hectares to a few seconds, which can free manpower that can be transferred to other fields." In the greenhouses, Han Jishu said that the first trials of 5G + smart agriculture have greatly reduced the company's production impact during the epidemic.

It is worth mentioning that relevant staff in production greenhouses can directly control various types of self-developed intelligent equipment. Facing the problem of insufficient staff when facing the epidemic, the use of intelligent equipment has solved this problem.

After connecting to the 5G network, even if the technicians are not on-site, they just need to open the seedling app in the mobile phones and remotely issue instructions. Even if in the greenhouse a few kilometers away, the automatic irrigation machines still can start spraying and irrigation, so that the tomato seedlings in the greenhouse can achieve unmanned irrigation, unmanned management, which can break the constraints of time and space.

As the first listed company of vegetable seedlings in China, Anxin Seedling Co., Ltd. led the establishment of the National Vegetable Seeds and Seedlings Technology Collaboration Center, the only provincial-level R & D platform in the industry - Shandong Province Vegetable Industrialized Seedling Demonstration Engineering Technology Research Center and Jinan Intensive Seedling Engineering Technology Research Center. These three science and technology innovation platforms can integrate the advantages of disciplines related to vegetable production, solve common problems in the vegetable industry, accelerate the transformation of results, and further promote industrial development.

Building a digital intelligent seedling factory
"Liberating people from heavy agricultural labor works and doing the more suitable tasks is our most specific goal." According to Mr. Han, inserting the wings of science and technology into agriculture and equipping seedlings with an intelligent brain. It is the development plan that the Anxin company sets for themselves under the big pattern of high-technology conversion.

At the moment, Anxin is actively constructing a digital intelligent seedling factory, utilizing nearly 100 patents on plant seedlings owned by the company in the field of seedling breeding, integrating modern technologies such as 5G, cloud computing, and big data, bringing together top domestic and foreign greenhouse construction technologies. Besides, the factory will be equipped with the first-class facilities and software systems such as the intelligent disease  detection system, digital seed processing equipment, intelligent identification, precision automatic seeding system, intelligent graft seedling system, 5G IoT environment intelligent control system, 5G precision automatic water and fertilizer irrigation system, seedling automatic inspection system, intelligent positioning transportation system and the cloud platform digital management system which will build the first seed demonstration projects with the highest level of intelligence, full-scale data management, and leading standards in China and abroad in the development of the industry.

Currently, facing the situation that the technology level of the whole industry is still lagging behind, the Anxin company insists on independent research and development, investing over ten millions of RMB in research and development every year, and around the seed and seedling industry,  to construct the whole industry chain committed to creating a seedling “Silicon Valley” with vegetable breeding as the core, biological breeding, big data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and facilities and equipment manufacturing as the extension, to conduct research and development of key common technologies and high-end leading technologies in the industry.


최초의 야채 묘목 상장 기업 "5G 심기"실현

지양구 안신씨들링(주)에서는 노동자들이 묘목을 번식시키기 위해 바쁘다. 생산과정에서는 안신씨들링 개발한 씨뿌리 로봇, 자동접착기, 지능형 제습 및 살균로봇 등 많은 지능형 농기계·장비가 전염병 시기에 중요한 역할을 했다. 한지슈 회장은 지능형 제습 및 살균로봇을 예로 소개했다. 이 로봇은 물리 제습, 자외선 살균, 오존 살균 등을 통합해 질병을 효과적으로 예방하고 살충제 소비를 80% 줄이며 환경오염을 줄이고 식품안전을 개선하며 생태농업을 강화한다.

지능형 기기는 5G를 통해 서로 연결돼 있어 밭 묘목이 농가에 충분한 묘목을 제공하는 기계의 산업운전을 실현할 수 있다.

동시에 인터넷을 통한 라이브 방송 플랫폼의 가입과 활용, 특히 봄 모내기철에는 기술 등뼈가 앵커 역할을 해 농가의 과일과 채소 재배에 대한 지식을 대중화하고 모내기 과정에서 겪는 문제를 해결했다. 또한 생산 온실의 관련 직원은 자체 개발한 다양한 지능형 장비를 직접 제어할 수 있다. 전염병에 직면했을 때 인력이 부족하다는 문제에 직면하면서 지능형 장비를 사용함으로써 이 문제를 해결했다.

5G 네트워크에 접속한 뒤 기술자들이 현장에 없더라도 휴대전화에서 묘목 앱을 열고 원격으로 지침을 내리기만 하면 된다. 몇 킬로미터 떨어진 온실에서라도 자동 연결을 해서 온실의 토마토 묘목이 무인 관리를 이룰 수 있다.

안신씨들링(주)은 중국 최초의 식물 묘목 상장기업이며 국립 채소 종자 및 묘목 기술 협업 센터, 산둥성 채소 공업 종묘 시범기술 연구센터 및 진안 집약형 종묘기술연구센터를 설립했다. 이 세 가지 과학기술 혁신 플랫폼은 채소 생산과 관련된 학문의 장점을 통합하고, 채소 산업의 공통적인 문제를 해결하고, 결과의 변혁을 가속화하며, 나아가 산업 발전을 촉진할 수 있다. 

현재 안신씨들링(주)은 묘목 사육 분야에서 회사가 보유한 식물 묘목 관련 특허 100여건을 활용해 국내외 최고 수준의 온실건설 기술을 집약해 5G, 클라우드 컴퓨팅, 빅데이터 등 현대 기술을 집약하는 등 디지털 지능형 묘목 공장 건설에 적극 나서고 있다. 이 밖에 지능형질환검출시스템, 디지털 종자처리장비, 지능형식별장치, 정밀자동종묘시스템, 지능형접착종묘시스템, 5G IoT환경지능제어시스템, 5G정밀자동와트 등 1급 시설과 소프트웨어 시스템을 갖추게 된다



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