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Sony Electronics is adding four ag tech providers to its newly enhanced Smart Agriculture Solution ecosystem. By integrating with innovations from Drones Made Easy, BirdsEyeView Aerobotics, Rantizo and Progeny Drone Inc., the ecosystem will now support day-to-day crop management by collecting and analyzing data on plant growth and health status.

Sony plans to host a webinar with Drones Made Easy on March 31, 2020, at 1 p.m. EST to share how the company’s Fast Field Analyzer software with stand count feature quickly lets users review an entire field to evaluate replanting needs. Register here.

“Our team thoroughly researched the various needs for a drone-based remote sensing solution with some of the top agriculture companies, researchers and universities,” says Theresa Alesso, pro division president at Sony Electronics. “That feedback was incorporated into the recent upgrade of Sony’s Smart Agriculture Solution and is the basis for the providers selected thus far for this expanded ecosystem. These integrations provide comprehensive, new ways of working for today’s growers that will increase yield with far greater efficiency.”

Designed to allow growers to precisely and easily analyze large areas, Version 2.0 includes Sony’s imaging and artificial intelligence-based technology for stand counting. This equips growers with the tool to assess plant establishment, so they can make replanting decisions earlier and with greater accuracy. Included in the enhanced solution is a drone-mounted multi-spectral sensing unit and Fast Field Analyzer image analytics software for crop management, monitoring and insights. 


Based in San Diego, Drones Made Easy has developed Map Pilot, a flight planning software and Map Pilot AG, a photogrammetry data collection app. The new app collects data that is optimized for Sony's MSZ-2100G multispectral camera to get the most accurate results possible.

“Prior to the introduction of Sony’s Smart Agriculture Solution, no system existed with multi-spectral cameras and analytics software that worked with a small unmanned aerial system and could process data easily at the edge of a field. With our new brackets for mounting on to DJI aircraft and our Map Pilot AG software integrated with Sony’s technology, we have a turnkey solution,” explained Tudor Thomas, chief technology officer, Drones Made Easy.

New Hampshire-based BirdsEyeView Aerobotics is a drone manufacturer whose FireFLY6 PRO is known for its flight time and speed. The vertical take-off and landing drone can cover up to 600 acres in one flight. It can be launched quickly from anywhere. It lands accurately and gracefully, which eliminates the crash-land pitfalls of a fixed-wing platform. Sony's Smart Agriculture Solution has been seamlessly integrated into the FireFLY6 PRO with custom, vibration-isolated mounts for Sony’s MSZ-2100G multispectral camera. This provides drone operators with the benefit of Sony’s advanced real-time vegetation analytics.

Rantizo, which is based in Iowa, uses drones to deliver agriculture inputs when and where they are needed. Rantizo’s Fly & Apply System combines DJI drones, Rantizo hardware and software, as well as proprietary software in an integrated solution that identifies in-field anomalies with autonomous, targeted drone-based agricultural spraying. Sony's Smart Agriculture Solution provides the imagery on areas in need of spraying, and the Rantizo system sprays only the designated areas.

“Faster processing leads to nimble systems that can adapt to the ever-changing agricultural environment," says Michael Ott, CEO, Rantizo. "With our combined expertise, Rantizo and Sony can determine field issues and deploy the necessary ag inputs to treat problems and maximize yield."

Progeny Drone Inc., which is a Purdue University-affiliated start-up, has created Plot Phenix software that converts raw drone imagery of outdoor small plot research trials into custom-labeled, plot-level metrics of plant growth and health at the field's edge without internet. By integrating Sony’s Smart Agriculture Solution with Plot Phenix, agronomists can collect metrics with streamlined operation.

"We have worked with many different types of cameras on drones over the last few years,” says Anthony Hearst, PhD, CEO, Progeny Drone Inc. “Many of them are poorly designed and don’t produce accurate measurements. We are thrilled to partner with Sony on their new Smart Agriculture Solution. Sony knows how to properly design and build an affordable camera for a specific purpose that’s easy to use for collecting and processing imagery. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sony because we believe they will continue to deliver cameras that get agronomists the metrics they need to move agriculture forward."

In an effort to continously move the ag industry forward, Sony is in active discussions with other leading ag tech companies to add to its integrated network.

The Version 2.0 update of Sony's Fast Field Analyzer software with stand count feature will be released on March 30, 2020. Current Smart Agriculture Solution users who have a valid subscription plan will be able to automatically download the free upgrade at the Sony license web store.


소니전자는 새롭게 강화된 스마트 농업 솔루션 생태계에 4개의 아그테크 공급업체를 추가하고 있다. 이 생태계는 도론스 메이드 이지, 버드아이뷰 에어로빅, 랜티조, 프로게니 드론 등의 혁신기술과 통합해 식물의 성장과 건강 상태에 대한 데이터를 수집, 분석하는 등 일상의 농작물 관리를 지원할 예정이다.

Drones Made Easy는 샌디에이고에 본사를 두고 비행계획 소프트웨어인 지도 파일럿과 사진측량 데이터 수집 앱인 지도 파일럿 AG를 개발했다. 이 새로운 앱은 소니의 MSZ-2100G 멀티스펙트럼 카메라에 최적화된 데이터를 수집해 가능한 가장 정확한 결과를 얻는다.

뉴햄프셔에 본사를 둔 버드아이뷰 에어로빅틱스는 파이어플라이6 프로가 비행 시간과 속도로 유명한 드론 제조사다. 소니의 스마트 농업 솔루션은 소니의 MSZ-2100G 멀티스펙트럼 카메라를 위한 맞춤형 진동이 차단된 마운트와 함께 FireFLY6 PRO에 원활하게 통합되었다. 이는 소니가 개발한 고급 실시간 식생 분석의 장점을 드론 운영자에게 제공한다.

아이오와에 본사를 둔 란티조는 드론을 이용해 필요한 때와 장소에서 농업 투입물을 전달한다. 소니의 스마트농업솔루션은 스프레이가 필요한 지역의 이미지를 제공하고, 란티조 시스템은 지정된 지역만 스프레이한다.

퍼듀대 계열 스타트업인 Progeny Drone Inc.는 야외 소형 플롯 연구 실험의 원시 드론 영상을 인터넷이 없는 현장 가장자리의 식물 성장과 건강의 맞춤형 플롯 레벨 지표로 변환하는 Plot Penix 소프트웨어를 개발했다. 소니의 스마트 농업 솔루션을 플롯 페닉스와 통합함으로써 농기자들은 간소화된 운영으로 지표를 수집할 수 있다.

소니는 ag산업을 지속적으로 발전시키기 위한 노력으로 다른 주요 ag 기술 업체들과 통합 네트워크에 추가하기 위해 활발한 논의를 하고 있다.


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